Are You Asking Yourself The Right Questions?

Building the right momentum is the real key to success!

Here are seven strategic questions to help get you started :

#1: What went really well this past month?

Be specific!

#2: Why did it go well?

This is the place to dig a little deeper and to process any learnings.

#3: How can you do more of it?

eg Amplify your successes!

#4: What could have gone better?

See if you can find 3 areas for improvement.

#5: What will you do differently this next month?

What are you going to stop doing completely or if not, get better at?

#6: What would make this coming month a total 10 month?

eg Enjoyment (gotta enjoy the ride!), 5 new clients, 2X the revenue, release a book, hold an event etc

#7: What could make “a 10 month” for you faster and easier?

What might shortcut your achievement curve?

#The bottom line

If you aren’t clear on where you are headed (and what’s working for you and what’s not), then you’re most certainly not taking the shortest path from A to B. This means you are working harder and longer than you need be!

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