Work With Me

I Can Help You With A Fresh-Start or Kick-Start (Plus Stay On Course)!

Are you at a stand-still in your life (or going through some tough times

Have you tried ‘everything’ but still aren’t getting the results you desire?

Do you know what you want but you’re stuck in the ‘how’ to make it happen?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things screaming for your attention each day?

Do you feel called to do something greater (that there is something much bigger in store for you)?!

The Type Of Clients I Work Best With:
Hold HIGH standards: Smart, honest, resourceful, creative, positive.
Value both professional AND personal success (not just about the money).
Proactive in having a productive day as often as possible. Not by chance!
Seeking: More freedom & flexibility (plus vibrant health to enjoy it).
Ready to explore what’s really possible (and to get a little uncomfortable).
Feel there is more for them to be, give and achieve.
Finally ready to break the cycle of self-doubt, fear, procrastination, perfectionism.

The Type Of Clients I Don’t Work Well With:
A tendency to complain, blame, make excuses, see the glass as 1/2 empty.
Only “kind of, sort of, maybe” want to change.
Are cynical about embracing the mind/body connection and becoming truly authentic.
Looking for a quick fix (note they don’t exist!) instead of long term results.
Not open to new ideas or willing to stretch themselves.
Aren’t ready to show up to each session fully prepared and engaged.
Aren’t yet ready to work harder than me at their business or life.

The Power of Coaching lies in the level of trust, rapport and synergy that is generated.

So if you see yourself in “I Work Best” group, call me today on (44) (0)797-2236404

#My Key Specialty = Transitions!
For one reason or another, change has been a constant feature of my life and I’ve learned to get good at “adapting”. This includes building skills like resourcefulness, resilience, reframing etc So if you are facing a relocation, career change, job layoff, business startup, divorce, motivation/confidence issue or a setback/challenge of any kind, let’s talk!