My Flagship Coaching Program:
“Stop Being Stuck”

If you’re overdue a breakthrough, private Coaching may be your ticket!

I have created a structured Coaching package for high achievers

It includes:

  • High Performance Coaching
  • Bespoke Coaching tailored to your specific situation
  • Seven one-on-one sessions over three months
  • First session is 90 minutes and remainder are 60 minutes
  • Sessions via Skype, Phone or Face to Face
  • Personal workbooks and cheat-sheets to enhance your Coaching sessions: Motivation, Confidence, Values, Beliefs, Energy Management, Positivity, Procrastinatinon, Goal-Setting etc

“High performance starts with a mind-set that translates into things that you do. Once you’ve got the right mind-set, you will setup the necessary habits which translate into the right actions. Everyone can become a high performer!”

What does it cost?

The program costs £1200 (for all 7 sessions + workbooks + handouts)

Or three payments of £425 (payable monthly)

6 month and 12 month packages are also available. Please book a strategy call with me to discuss further.

Are you part of an organisation that would hugely benefit from a Group Coaching arrangement?
Contact me today to discuss a tailor-made package for you!

Typical Outcomes Include:

Start living a life you love
Raise your wellbeing and feel better than ever
Balance work and personal life
Do excellent work that inspires others
Achieve all the goals you could never achieve before

Additional Benefits:

Strategic Planning

Know what’s important to you, gain clarity and confidence to take the next step… ensure you have an income and a life that suits you. Know what you want and how to get it.

Enhance Effectiveness

Learn how to get off the hamster wheel that is currently controlling you. Get back in control of your life.

Improve Work-Life Balance

Know how to make your life work for you, so you gain more freedom, time and energy to do the things that are important to you.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Learn how to cope with, manage and adapt to stressful situations. Learn practical solutions that you can use when life throws you a curve-ball. Be that calm and confident person that can handle any situation.

Become Proactive

Learn how to influence your future. Know what has stopped you achieving your goals in the past. Understand what you need to do to put yourself forward and take the next step, both personally and professionally. Gain fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities.

Success Squared!

Rewire your mindset to become unbeatable and install the habits of the super successful.

Whatever your investment or level of commitment, I guarantee you can expect exponential results across ALL aspects of your life (now and in the future)!