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Looking For A Fresh-Start (or Kick-Start Even)?

Do you feel stuck (or perhaps going through some tough times)?
Or do you know what you want, but not sure ‘how’ to make it happen?
Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by all that screams for your attention each day?
Or do you feel called to do something greater .. ?

“Don’t downgrade your dreams to fit your reality,
upgrade your CONVICTION to match your dreams”

Shifting Gears

#My Key Specialty = Transitions (Adversity)
For one reason or another, change has been a constant feature of my life
and I’ve got good at “adapting”.  It has enabled me to build key skills like
resourcefulness, resilience, reframing, self-compassion etc
So if you are facing a relocation, career change, job layoff, business startup,
divorce, motivation/confidence issue or a setback/challenge of any kind,
let’s explore together.  Contact me here.

“You’re not a lost cause, a problem, a failure …
It’s simply a life puzzle – and together we can work something out!”

The Type Of Clients I Work Best With:
Hold HIGH standards: Smart, honest, resourceful, creative, positive.
Value both professional AND personal success (not just about the money).
Proactive in having a productive day as often as possible (not by chance)
Seeking: More freedom and flexibility. Peace of mind.
Ready to explore what’s really possible (to challenge themselves).
Feel there is more for them to be, give and achieve.
Finally ready to break the cycles of self-doubt, fear, procrastination, perfectionism.

The Type Of Clients I Don’t Work Well With:
A tendency to complain, blame, make excuses, see the glass as 1/2 empty.
Only “sort of / maybe” want to make changes.
Looking for a quick fix / hacks, instead of engendering long-term success.
Not open to new ideas or willing to stretch themselves.
Always seeking proof in advance and challenging me.
Aren’t ready to show up to each session fully prepared and engaged.
Aren’t yet ready to work harder than me at their business or life.

The Power of Coaching lies in the level of trust, rapport and synergy that
is generated by both parties. So if you see yourself in “I Work Best” group,
contact me today.

“Unleash Your A-Game”

YES count me in!