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Ready to regain your spark? Or unlock NEW possibilities even?
Noel Lyons is expert at helping people make positive changes
in both their professional work AND personal life.

Noel LyonsAbout Noel Lyons

The first Chelsea Harbour Club Fitness Manager and former Technogym UK Education Manager; Noel has assisted multimillionaires, celebrities, royalty and sporting professionals (including premiership football teams) to reach high levels of health, fitness and performance (he even once took the Princes William and Harry for a 15 mins Basketball session!).

Noel’s Story

Noel has 29+ years of cutting-edge experience in health, fitness, coaching and entrepreneurship (across 8 different countries worldwide). Noel’s Mission today is to coach, train and mentor you away from feeling stuck or directionless and towards feeling successful and fulfilled in both your personal & professional life.

What sets Noel apart is his ability to translate the latest cutting edge research in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Sports Science into practical strategies for building a more resourceful and resilient you. The tips, tools and resources he provides are based on the latest research, best practice and personal experience with clients.

Key specialties include: Resilience, motivation, peak performance, wellbeing and making changes stick.

Professional Training

Noel holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise + Health Science (Bristol University) and a bachelors degree in Psychology / Physical Education (Birmingham University).

Noel has also completed several Coaching Certifications (as endorsed by the ICF).

When He’s Not Working

A keen triathlete, Noel has represented GB Triathlon (Age-Group) at five World Champs including the Ironman. Noel also loves to explore new places, countries (especially mountains & sunny beaches) and to meet new people.

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He’s also a lifelong West Ham supporter, a Tennis fan (see one of Noel’s YT channels – Marbella Masters) and no doubt will have seen many of the latest films at the cinema.

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To Get In Touch

You can email Noel direct: noel at noellyons.com or contact him here

Or you may want to read Noel’s published articles here 

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